Demolition of Chillagah of Peer Khushhal Miyan in Morna, Muzaffar Nagar UP

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Chillagah of Peer Khwaja Khushhal Miyan in Morna, Muzaffar Nagar UP is being demolished. As per the local administration it is being done because of illegal construction. There are thousands of devotees of Peer Khushhal Miyan all over the world. The resting place of Peer Khushhal Miyan is located within the very Chillagah in Morna Muzaffar Nagar UP.

This place is situated in Bihargarh of Morena Block in the District Muzaffar Nagar. This place had been given to the Saint in 1975. His followers had built the residence, mosque and Islamic seminary here.  

The lease expired in 2005, which was not renewed and the matter went to the Court. If we believe in the statements of Nazia Afridi, wife of Peer Khushhal, “the action taken by the administration is absolutely wrong and the Government is discriminating against them. There are numerous Ashrams of such kind and Peer Khushhal also is a pious man like them. He came here and worshiped. Chilla is a kind of meditation and Chillagah is a place where someone mediates. He continued worshiping and meditating here for forty days in succession without eating in the open. Peer Khushhal is a saint and the Chief Minister Yogi also is a saint but he is subjecting to a saint family to torture.”

It is relevant to mention here that Khushhal Trust had taken 6.63 hectare land on lease in 1975 for thirty years. Chillagah Management tried its best to get the lease renewed when it expired in 2005. The Forest Department started the demolition when the notice was not complied with. First the old building of the shrine has been demolished and then the kitchen etc. The followers of Peer Khushhal Miyan are very sad on these proceedings and they termed it attack on the Islamic Mystic Community.

Sufi Jawwad told that he did not get any notice. The valuables came under debris due to sudden demolition. The action is not in line with legal procedure. He has faith in law and he shall get justice.

Divisional Forest Officer Suraj Singh stated that the demotion is being carried out on the order of the Hon’ble High Court, which shall be completed.

During demolition, the wife of Peer Khushhal, Nazia Afridi continued imploring but the bulldozer continued working. The followers of Peer Khushhal broke down seeing the demolition of the structures in Chillagah of their Sufi Master.

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