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Firoz Shah Tughlaq
Firoz Shah Tughlaq

There is a district namely Hisar in state of Haryana in north-west India, Only 164 Km to the west of New Delhi. Its full name is Hisar-e-Firoz Shahi which was given by Firoz Shah Tughlaq. The sultan of Delhi from 1335 to 1388. It was founded by Firoz Shah Tughlaq in 1344. He built a walled fort with four gates The Delhi Gate, Mohri Gate to the east, The Nagri Gate to the south and The Talaqi Gate to the west. The Construction of the port is started in 1354 and was completed in 1356. There is Firoz Shah palace complex in the city of Hisar. The palace consists of mosque known as Lat Ki Masjid. Lat is a sandstone pillar about 20 ft high and was earlier and Ashokan pillar. The Palace has also a Diwane Aam. Gujri Mahal is another Palace located near the palace complex also built by Firoz Shah for his wife Gujri. Its construction was completed in 1356 and stand on a massive rectangular platform.

Royal palace is a rectangular three storied stone masonry building of the fort where the king resided.


Diwan-e-Khas is a central courtyard inside a two storied rectangular royal palace structure. This courtyard also serve as a open hall for private audience and royal palace khas has an underground complex and two stories above ground with a central courtyard which also serve as Diwan-e-Khas or the hall of private audience.

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