Muslims have full faith in the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar: Ghulam Rasool Balyawi

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Muslim leaders have entered the electoral battle to be fought in this month and the next in Bihar. They have come forward to defend the Janata Dal United. A distinguished Islamic Scholar and the member of the Legislative Council, Ghulam Rasool Balyawi is making every attempt to get the Chief Minister win Vidha Sabha Election 2020 in the State.  Balyawi has harshly criticized the Grant Alliance and Lok Jan Shakti Party that they shall disintegrate and the JDU shall win. He added that Muslims of India has stopped voting to defeat or win. The opposition cannot fool them on the ground of fear mongering. JDU and the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar do not need to take the certificate of secularism from anyone. The persons boasting to be caretakers of secularism must reply why they did not bring the culprits of Bhagalpur riots to justice and why the victims did not get justice. It was Nitish Kumar, who managed justice for the victims getting the offenders punished.

In reference to NRC and CAA, he defends that it was Nitish Kumar who did not implement NRC in Bihar despite being in alliance with NDA and he got the resolution passed to conduct NRP on the old format. Attacking Asaduddin Owaisi, he said that he is with the Telangana Government. Why does he not get it passed in that state? Regarding RJD, he alleges that Muslims are underrepresented in RJD and the communities with RJD do not vote in favor of Muslims, who are fielded by them. How did the leaders such as Hina Shahab, the son of the late Taslimuddin, Sarfaraz, Abdul Bari Siddiqui, Dr Shakil Ahmad and Syed Faisal fail in the election. They keep Muslims in fear.

When asked about the issue of Urdu, he replied that the Chief Minister got thousand of Urdu teachers recruited, increased the fund of the Minority Department many folds. He claimed that the Muslim Intellectuals, Educated persons and businessmen in addition to a large portion of Muslim population is with Nitish Kumar.   

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