Mohd Sharfuddin: MLA of Sheohar in Bihar

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Mohd Sharfuddin the existing MLA of Sheohar, one of the smallest Districts in Bihar had humble beginning, however now he is prosperous in business, powerful in politics and he has an inspiring story to tell. He was born to Zainul Haq in the village Mahuwa, Post Ambakalan, PS Piprahi, District Sheohar. Due to family circumstances, he could read only to the 10th class and passed Fauqania Examination from Shamsul Huda Board and worked hard and became prosperous and availing the unexpected opportunity he came into politics and contested the legislative assembly election on behalf of Janta Dal  (United) in 2010 and 2015 from Sheohar winning both the elections

Mohd Sharfuddin life has been eventful. In September 2020, the unsocial elements had attacked his car in Masaudha village of PS Piprahi in Sheohar District while he was returning home  after having dinner at the home of one of his supports late in the night. The FIR had been lodged in PS Piprahi on the report of the driver and the police had arrested total eight persons including Wamiq. Wamiq stated to be the potential candidate of the Legislative Assembly. 40-50 persons were mentioned in FIR to have attacked with cow dung and mud. His car had been damaged somehow in the incident. 

A conotrovery had arisen when JD(U) MLA had been seen having his hands on his cheek and not saluting the the natioanl flag like others during the indpendnet day functions. The photo atken dujring the celebration had gone viral.

Demanding action against the MLA, Congress leader Premchand Mishra had said: “He (Mohd Sharfuddin) is an MLA from a party which calls itself a patriot. If the MLA cannot give respect to the national flag, what to expect from him.”

The opposition Rashtriya Janta Dal (RJD) had said that Mr Sharfuddin should apologize to the people as he has insulted the national flag. Mr Sharfuddin issued a clarification saying that he is a loyal soldier of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and that there was an insect on his cheek which he was trying to remove. At that point of time, somebody clicked his picture and shared it online.

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