Dr Shamim Ahmad, MLA from Narkatia 12 Assembly Constituency: An Ideal Leader

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They say that the politics is not meant for the kindhearted and good man as the politics has turned to be a career to grab power and amass wealth. However, there are some unparallel persons notwithstanding, who come in the realm of politics for the sole purpose of serving humanity with all possible means and potentials available.

Among them is the MLA elected from Narkatia 12 Assembly constituency consisting of Chhauradano, Bankatwa and Banjriya blocks, Dr Shamim Ahmad was born on 6th January 1972 in a humble village Khairwa Dargah. His father late Jb Abid Husain Sb was a medical doctor by profession. Caring for people and sympathy for them has been inherited by the Doctor Sb from his family. His father was highly educated and well-to-do person in the area. He was counted among the elite there. He had high concern for the backwardness and illiteracy of his area, which made him restless and he diverted his attention towards the education and training of the children. 

Dr Shamim Ahmad is very friendly nature, caring and loving individual from his very childhood. After obtaining B.Sc. degree he acquired BAMS as well.

From the very student era as the Doctor Sb says: When he saw the people going here and there without for medical treatment without finding a suitable one, he got pained and it became his concern with the passage of time and ultimately, he decided to establish a hospital with all required facilities so that the persons of nearby places should not face problems in this connection.  For this project, he preferred his ancestral village Khairwa (Dargah) and it is true to say that world fame which Khairwa Bazaar got goes to the credit Dr Shamim Ahmad Sb to a large extent.

While working as medical practitioner among the people he never behaved with any patient harshly and he is embodiment of sublime virtues like serenity, soft speaking and mannerism having perennial smile on his lip, which comforts the patients forgetting his pains and agonies.

Dr Shamim Sb achieved many milestones through the hospital from 1999 to 2006. He treated numerous patients without any remuneration in this period irrespective caste and creed serving the humanity. He even paid the salaries of Imams and Muazzin of several mosques participating actively in construction of mosques and other charitable works.   

Being a doctor he was not unaware of the problems being faced by the public in terms of roads, electricity, public amenities and corruptions of the public representatives. After providing satisfactory solution to medical problems of the area, he turned his attention towards politics and contested the legislative assembly election in 2006 for the first time from Narkatia Assembly Constituency 12. He lost this election but found many admirers in the process and when he contested the election for the second time in 2015, he was the winner this time and he is delivering his obligations as per wishes of the public. Like other politicians he did not change a bit.

After carefully surveying all three blocks of his constituency, he came to realization that Banjria was the most backward of all lacking the development parameters such as transportation, road and electricity but the endeavors of the doctor Sb materialized and now all the homes there are illuminated and there is the road connecting every single village in the block. He has the credit to getting the project of the road from Motihari to Belabaspur crossing Sisonia, Jatwa and Junerwa passed.   

As an MLA he has carried out many works such as travelers shed, bridges, ensuring provision of ration, which was halted due to the previous corruptions. He routinely visits his constituency knowing about the worries of the public and solving the same and during the flood time assisting the flood affected families as much as possible. These are the precedents, which were not witnessed in the past. Such a leader must be elected this time too saluting his works and admiring his character.

(With inputs from Mahtab Alam in East Champaran)

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