Tirurangadi Muslim Orphanage and Its Founder

Tirurangadi Muslim Orphanage
Tirurangadi Muslim Orphanage in Kerala

Tirurangadi Muslim Orphanage is a significant Islamic Institution situated in Saudabad, Tirurangadi, an important town in Malappuram District, Kerala, India in view of the Islamic History in the subcontinent. There are many educational institutions under it. Pocker Sahib Memorial Orphanage College (P.S.M.O.) College, Tirurangadi is the biggest campus in the entire group.


       Noorul Islam Madrasa was established in 1939. Then, Oriental Higher Secondary School came into light in 1955. The famous philanthropist M.K. Haji Sahib donated the land for the orphanage and the Orphanage L.P. School was founded in 1960. P.S.M.O. College was established in 1968. The Orphanage helped to relocate 114 orphans whose parents died in an outbreak of cholera in Malabar in 1943.

Institutions within the Campus

1.    Pocker Sahib Memorial Orphanage College

2.    Tirurangadi Yatheem Khana

3.    Noorul Islam

4.    KMMMO Arabic College

5.    Orphanage U.P. School

6.    Oriental Higher Secondary School

7.    SSMO Teacher Training Institute

8.    Orphanage I.T. Center

9.    MKH Orphanage Hospital

10.  MKH School of Nursing

The Founder;

MK Hajee has been inalienably associated with every humanitarian concern of the underprivileged sections of the society across Malabar especially of Tirurangadi till his death in1983. Being brought up as an orphan, he was aware of the sufferings and hardships of the destitute. Malabar Muslim Association has its genesis from his foresighted intellectual engagement with freedom struggle and the life of trials and tribulations he had in Madras.

The ideal of an orphanage which he founded as part of the humanistic and reform activities in collaboration with KM Moulvi, germinated from the establishment of Noorul Islam Madrasa. It is worth mentioning that he had the unique generosity to transform his own house into an orphanage in 1943, which later became Tirurangadi Muslim Orphanage. Thereafter, he founded a series of educational and charitable institutions at Tirurangadi. PSMO College is of the feeder organizations among a host of other institutions under the Orphanage Committee. MK Hajee, therefore, is a pioneer in the renaissance of Kerala Muslims by being an architect of the educational and cultural advancement in Kerala.   


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