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My sister & I have been brought up by a single parent, as my father has never been there for us, emotionally or financially. He never even knew which class we are studying in – clear from his letter which says that “Shehla was in last semester of Ph.D. of Sociology in 2017.” Even a cursory Google search would have given him more information about what stage of study I’m in! He says that I run 3 NGOs – this shows how involved in my life he is! Anyone who follows me even remotely knows that I’m not associated with any NGO. He keeps saying that my account should be probed, but he doesn’t even know what my account number is. There’s never been a single transaction from his account to mine ever. He keeps saying that he met me in 2017. In 2017, I had chickenpox and my sister begged him to see me. But he clearly refused to see me. After this incident, my sister stopped talking to him completely. Truth is, he has just been a parasite, exploiting my mother financially, abusing her physically and verbally. My mother has served the govt for 32 years in the capacity of a high ranking govt official, and she’s brought us up with her Halal income, with her blood, sweat and tears. She is our mother & father. She’s been there for us despite everything, loved us unconditionally and been extremely protective towards us. She even put up with abuse for so long, simply so that we have a father- even if it is just for appearance’s sake! This political stunt by my father is a brazen attempt to pressure us into withdrawing the case of Domestic Violence in which we are not merely applicants, but also witnesses. In fact, these tactics amount to witness intimidation. We are sorry that we could not protect our mother while we were kids. But we won’t back down now, whatever the cost.

(Via her facebook post)

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