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Adabi Miras (Heritage of Literature) is a portal dedicated to the Urdu language and literature aspiring to provide resource materials and texts of Urdu curriculums prescribed in the educational institutions, colleges and universities in addition to highlighting the sublime values and legacy of literature before the audience. Although the site is in its initial journey, it targets to become a single destination and stop for everyone who loves and wants to be familiar with Urdu and its rich heritage and potential in terms of essays, stories, fictions and other genres of the literature welcoming all kinds of literary and valuable works from the men of letters, journalists and literature aspirants.

The portal has been envisaged and brought into existence by Dr Naushad Manzar and Sumaiyya Mohammadi. Dr Naushad Manzar has acquired the doctoral degree from the world famous University, Jamia Millia Islamia and he hails from Shahpur Baghauni in Samastipur. He was educated primarily in Madrasa Islamia, Shahpur Baghauni and then he acquired Intermediate degree from RPS College in Patna. For higher education he moved to JMI where he studied in graduation, post graduation and doctorate. He has the credit of having written two books, more than 3 dozen articles and analysis, which have been published and he has also attended a number of national and international seminars. He has also translated some essays and stories.

Sumaiyya Mohammadi is a Research Scholar from Jamia Millia Islamia, who has acquired her entire education from the University. Many significant articles and analysis have been penned by her seeing the light of publication as well. She belongs to Darbhanga in Bihar.

As per the portal, the main objective of the site is to provide materials to Urdu Speaking People and students in particular. This portal guides to other resources present in the digital media somewhere else as well for the benefits of the students.

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