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O. Abdurahman is an outstanding journalist and author of several books from Kerala. He is the group editor Madhyamam Daily of Mediaone. His books deal with issues and facing by the Muslims of India and bright aspects of Islam for human being. He has been entrusted by the Government of Kerala with respect to affairs and issues of the Muslims living in Kerala.

Abdurahman was born to Odungat Moin Musliar and Mamekkatt Fatima in 1944 at Chennamangalore in Koshikode district in Kerala. He received primary education at Al-Madrasathul Islamia Chennamangalore during the period 1960 and 1964 and Shanthapuram Islmamia College. He joined the Probodhanam Weekly, an official mouthpiece of the Kerala chapter of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind. Later he moved to Qatar and pursued his higher studies at the Al Ma’had ul Deen, Qatar University, Qatar (1972–74). After his education from Qatar, he worked for the Indian Embassy at Qatar and later joined the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Government of Qatar. He then moved back to India and joined the Chennamagalore Islahiya College as its Principal in 1982.

Public Life:

Journalist and orator

Abdurrahman is the editor of Madhyamam Daily, a Malayalam newspaper. He was the editor of Prabodhanam weekly during the period 1964–72. He writes on Islam, minority politics, communal politics, education and media in various periodicals, journals and magazines. Abdurahman is an activist of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind who is known for his speeches on different topics at various seminars and public meetings. He is a member of Board of Studies, Journalism Department, University of Calicut and General Council, Kerala Press Academy.

Social and educational activist

Abdurrahman is active in the educational and social circles in Kerala. He was a member of Kerala Government Arabic Textbook Committee. He served as a member of the 15-member expert committee led by Dr KN Paniker to advise the Government on the controversial Seventh Standard Social Sciences Textbook syllabus.

He also was a member of Paloli Committee appointed by Kerala government to study on the implementation of the Sachar Committee recommendations in Kerala. He was the former secretary of the Kerala Chapter of the Forum for Democracy and Communal Amity (FDCA).

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