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Nawab C. Abdul Hakeem was the torchbearer of education in Tamil Nadu. A native of Melvisharam, Nawab C. Abdul Hakeem was born in 1863 and rendered his valuable services in the field of business, trade and philanthropy. Rightly called the Prince of Traders, he set up a tannery in 1907 and emerged as a prosperous businessmen becoming the President of the Southern Indian Chamber of Commerce. He has also been the Sheriff of Madras one time. One of his outstanding contributions in education is his establishment of the Melvisharam Muslim Education Society in 1918 to cater the educational needs of his native place Melvisharam and others. This society is active in Primary, Secondary, and Higher Education.

Early Life:

              Nawab C. Abdul Hakeem was born in North Arcot District of India and at the age of 21 he moved to the city of Madras in 1884 to join his father Siddique Hussain Sahib. He started a small business in hides and skins but grew it to such an extent that he became a prince of traders and major donors to charities. The best known of charitable contributions is Siddique Sarai Mosque and the Muslim Choultry opposite central station.

              Nawab C. Abdul Hakeem found the Madras Provincial Muslim League in 1908. He started the Muslim Progressing Party and served as its President. He was appointed Sheriff of Madras in 1930 and elected to the Madras Legislative Assembly in 1937.

Melvisharam Muslim Educational Society

Nawab C. Abdul Hakeem established Melvisharam Muslim Education Society, which had gradually progressed across 8 decades. To start with, there was only a Primary School under this Society and at present, it manages 11 institutions from the nursery level to a First Grade College with Five P.G. Departments and three Research Departments. They include MMES Arts and Science College for Women and C. Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering and Technology, an ISO certified Center of learning.

              MMES managers and maintains the following prominent institutions:

  • C. Abdul Hakeem College of Engineering and Technology
  • C. Abdul Hakeem College of Arts and Science (Autonomous) (for men)
  • Islamiah Boys Higher Secondary School
  • Islamiah Girls Higher Secondary School
  • Islamiah Primary School for Boys etc

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