The biggest Urdu Poet of Humor, Akbar Allahabadi and Some of his Humorous Verses

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Born on 16th November, 1846 Akbar Allahabadi is unique and known for humorous verses. He complains about his life partner:

اکبرؔ دبے نہیں کسی سلطاں کی فوج سے

لیکن شہید ہو گئے بیوی کی نوج سے

Akbar did not bow down before the army of the Emperor,

But he got martyred by even a minor strike by the wife

       His poetry is full with lively verses, whose scope and range is no limited one. He comments on the nature of the legal practitioner:

پیدا ہوا وکیل تو شیطان نے کہا

لو آج ہم بھی صاحبِ اولاد ہو گئے

        When a legal professional was born

        The Satan was delighted that he became the father

It is very interesting to note that Syed Akbar Hussain Rizvi, nome de plume, Akbar was a Sessions Judge in Allahabad. You can imagine how many times he might have encountered the arguments relevant or irrelevant to be forwarded by the counsels for the parties.

A poet would not praise and dispraise a beauty. It is not a possibility. He is devastated when the damsels bow down their heads in modesty and smile playfully

حیا سے سر جھکا لینا ادا سے مسکرا دینا

حسینوں کو بھی کتنا سہل ہے بجلی گرا دینا

(Bowing down head with modesty and smiling playfully, how it is easy for the damsels to enthrall their admirers)

              Playing with expression of recalling for death he has composed the following very lively couplet:

رہتا ہے عبادت میں ہمیں موت کا کھٹکا

ہم یاد خدا کرتے ہیں کر لے نہ خدا یاد

While offering prayers I have fear of death

As while recalling the Almighty he may recall me.

In respect of abuse of powers by the governing establishments, he truly protests:

ہم آہ بھی کرتے ہیں تو ہو جاتے ہیں بد نام

وہ قتل بھی کرتے ہیں تو چرچا نہیں ہوتا

If we only sigh, we get blamed

And there is not talk even if they kill

        Elaborating the conditions of lovers before and after the marriage, he humors:

تعلق عاشق و معشوق کا تو لطف رکھتا تھا

مزے اب وہ کہاں باقی رہے بیوی میاں ہو کر

When we were lovers, it was a period of delight and enjoyments.

Nevertheless, since we got married, they faded away.

       Syed Akbar Hussain Rizvi known as Akbar Allahabadi was born in the town Bara in the district of Allahabad. He got his primary education in the religious seminaries and the govt. schools. He worked as Tehsildar, Munsif and Sessions Judge. He is a widely quoted poet.

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